Welcome to the Campaign for Real Time

Today, I am launching what I call “The Campaign for Real Time”. Yes, it’s a silly name, and you may think it’s a silly campaign, too – but with the campaign to change our clocks even more gathering pace, I think there is a genuine need for us to pause and re-consider the reasoning behind the practice of changing our clocks but not our routines.

I do not doubt that at least some of the benefits claimed are genuine – particularly, I don’t doubt RoSPA‘s claims about the impact on accidents. But the point which never seems to be raised is that it is not the clocks which make us miss out on daylight, it is our insistence on sticking to an out-dated timetable for our days.

My proposition is simple: we should honestly consider the possibility of changing our habits, rather than our clocks. If there really is no way of doing this short of tricking people, then stick with summer time, SDST, and so on. But if we can reap the benefits of a more flexible society, then let’s consign “Daylight Savings” and “Summertime” to the scrapheap of history.

I outlined most of this in a post on my main blog 6 months ago, but I wanted to make more noise about it, and make my case loud and clear.

So read on, and let me, and the world, know what you think!

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