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  1. Craig Daniels says:

    Congratulations for being able to think clearly –about an issue which, in a rational society, would long ago have been corrected.

    * As you’ve stated: whatever merits DST/ST might have, they could easily be addressed by businesses, government offices, and institutions setting “winter hours” versus “summer hours”, which is common practice anyway.

    * DST was established when most folks had about four very intuitive, analog clocks: a watch, a bed stand alarm, a kitchen clock, and an automobile dashboard clock (which seldom worked). Don’t know about you, but I’ve now got about two dozen: the aforementioned clocks, programed thermostats in several rooms, various digital and analog wall clocks and other time pieces –at least one in every room plus the shop, then there are 3 televisions, 2 VCRs, a security system, 2 radios, and several assorted hand-held devices –all but 3 of which need to be reset twice a year. One is supposed to but doesn’t. Another tries but gets the year wrong. Then there’s a clock which remembers to do it, but on the old schedule –two weeks early now, so I have to reset that one 4 times a year.

    * Anyone who does astronomy can become particularly vexed by our changing time standards. I’ve set my desk computer to permanent GMT in order to stop the agravation of hour-shift errors in the sky programs which run on it.

    ** There is a larger issue here. DST has been enacted by people who have servants to set their clocks. A self-respecting populace should not put up with such nonsense. It’s time to reclaim some dignity by abolishing DST/ST.


  2. Robert Nock says:

    Why do some people/Govt always feel they need to fiddle? People/companies should and can organise their day however they like. It is very common for some businesses (farmers, builders etc) to organise their day so that they use the sunlight as it is irrespective of the so called time.

    12 noon and midday should be the same, that is when, more or less, the sun is at its zenith and to just make midday at 1pm or whenever is not the solution to the problem. It does in fact exacerbate the problem in its pathetic attempt to trick people into thinking it is the solution.

    The only solution is people living their lives according to reality.

  3. David Pounds says:

    Finally I found somebody who agrees with me!! Do you see farmers getting up according to the ‘time’ their clock says? No, they work by the daylight and change their hours through the year accordingly.

  4. Duncan Hauser says:

    It’s a real effort to find a campaign in support of “real time” whereas everyone is on the “bst forever” bandwagon. When the clocks change in the Autumn, my body clock breathes a sigh of relief and enjoys the natural harmony of natures own rythm. Don’t RoSPA et al realise that the whole country will be embroiled in the pitch battle of morning rush hour in the dark, with colder temperatures at that time for longer? It’s now only 1 week into the winter term of school and the evenings are already still light after 4.30pm in the South East. We’ve done this before, and my memory is of a miserable three winter years!!

  5. I could cry with happiness to find that other people agree with me. There are dozens of reasons why BST (British Stupid Time, as I call it) is a bad, bad idea. In a nutshell: longer days do not necessarily make people happier. Whenever Daylight Saving has been tried in this country, it has been massively unpopular, and I am tired of a small, shrill band trying to persuade the Government otherwise. Let’s kill, BST, go back to GMT, and get rid of the sheer stupidity of changing the clocks twice yearly, which is known to cause accidents.

  6. Graeme Robertson says:

    GMT all year round??? Sorry but no!!! Having sunset before 8.50 PM BST on the longest day of the year with a sunrise at about 3.30 AM really is bad use of daylight. Change my habits? Well I can’t change my hours of work or shop, theatre etc opening hours. You could change yours with all year round BST.

  7. Michael Kay says:

    My mother used to set the clocks five minutes fast in a vain attempt to get us to leave home in good time to catch the school bus. We soon caught on, and mocked the attempt. So why do we put up with it when the government does the same thing? If the state issued a decree telling us to get out of bed earlier, there would be riots in the streets, but if they tell us to tamper with our timepieces, we meekly put up with it.

    Of course, one way forward is to just ignore summer time. Whenever you publish details of a date and time, e.g. your opening hours or a social engagement or a meeting at work, publish it in GMT. If enough people did that, it would catch on.

  8. Andrew Barnes says:

    Don’t particularly care if we stick with bst or gmt as long as we stick with the same one all year.

    • Amanda McGee says:

      I agree with you, Andrew, I don’t have a strong preference for GMT or BST but really dislike the switching back and forth.

  9. Steve says:

    Did you name your organization after the anti-time-travel group in Douglas Adams’s Life, the Universe, and Everything?

  10. S.T. Wein says:

    I’ve been here before, but since adding my name to the petition, I contacted my legislator. He told me that I need to go higher up, so my letter will go to the three congressmen of our State of Delaware. The Vice President of our country is also from this state, so I can copy him, but I’m wondering if I should have a bushel basket and a golden shovel at the ready!

    Thanks for your efforts. “Somethin’s gotta give!”
    PS – What a treat it is to read English properly written!

  11. Mary Jane Souza says:

    Stop it now

    Either way is ok by me

    Leave it on one time zone only

    I am 84 yrs old – changing all clocks, phones, copy machines, fax machine, printers,
    and TV is a pain

    etc is a pain

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