Sign our petition today, and show the world that not everyone falls for the con-tricks of “daylight savings”!

We the undersigned believe that changing the time displayed on our clocks every six months is an old-fashioned waste of time.

We urge the UK government (and governments around the world) to move to a single fixed time zone all year round, and allow individuals to plan their own days to make use of the daylight however they see fit.

  1. Rowan Collins
  2. Ken Wilkinson
  3. Steve Findlay
  4. [Name withheld]
  5. Dr Mike — "Scottish schools could easily change the hour of the day that they started. Same time for all of UK but not all schools need to start their day at the same time."
  6. howard — "Summertime u ijets"
  7. nigel brown
  8. [Name withheld] — "I agree wholeheartedly – it\'s an outdated waste of daytime!"
  9. Gemma
  10. Arianna Wills
  11. [Name withheld] — "End the madness and stop the SADness!"
  12. Robin Trigger
  13. William Jacobs — "It\'s about time for real time."
  14. Amanda Atkins
  15. Duncan Hauser — "When the sun says it\'s mid-day, it\'s midday, not when the clocks do!!!"
  16. Neil
  17. Paula Younger
  18. [Name withheld] — "It\'s about time we stopped this nonsense of gaining an hour only to lose it 6 months later."
  19. Graham Sewell — "Save a child\'s life by adjusting school hours to match daylight hours, not by changing the clocks."
  20. Linda Page
  21. j d jackson
  22. [Name withheld]
  23. Rachel
  24. [Name withheld]
  25. Karin Brown
  26. Angela Shepperdson
  27. Sonya Cartwright
  28. Laura Sillito
  29. [Name withheld]
  30. Daniel Lodge
  31. Zogrom — "Once I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you can remove me from that service? Thanks!"
  32. Richard Backen
  33. Gary Spencer
  34. Christian Schweiger
  35. [Name withheld] — "Please stop it"
  36. Alexander Burrow
  37. Robin Lannin — "What a fabulous idea. This will stop my family getting messed up at least twice a year."
  38. Andrew Barnes — "The switch is a waste of time"
  39. [Name withheld]
  40. niamh o reilly
  41. PENNY — "now Scotland may be going for good, we can definately stop this silly business"
  42. Mike Dedman
  43. barbara leece — "This practice only serves to confuse the old and animals – this out dated and should be stopped – it promotes ill health whilst people adjust to the new schedule"
  44. Tracey Farmer
  45. Ian Oliver
  46. Chris Jones
  47. Howard — "Stick all year round with what we call \"BST\" and do not put clocks back in October"
  48. Wendy Parker
  49. [Name withheld]
  50. Christopher Hughes — "It is pointless annoying and makes you feel bad"
  51. Jenny Hughes — "drives me mad whats the point these days"
  52. jamie wilson — "this is a useless point of clock work they should just leave the clocks alone"
  53. Mark wardle
  54. Martin Thatcher — "12 noon is when the sun is highest in the sky – full stop. No government can alter the path of the earth around the sun. Put an end to this nonsense."
  55. Mark Beech
  56. David Beech
  57. Lee Moth
  58. Rosie — "For those with children clocks going backwards is hard work. Not only does it take longer for them to understand the concept and adjust their body clicks but you loose valuable time in the afternoon restricting your daytime activities."
  59. Robyn Fell
  60. [Name withheld] — "Just drove home in the dark 10 times more stressfull and more dangerous"
  61. Liza — "Stop changing the clocks! It\'s depressing"
  62. Mark Lappin
  63. Steve P — "I have thought this for years. Glad someone finally put it into words!"
  64. James Wilson
  65. Graham Latham
  66. [Name withheld] — "Just leave the time as is for the entire year \"PLEASE\""
  67. [Name withheld] — "I hate DST. the sun rises up so late in the morning. Big deal the sun sets later during the evening. It is pitch black in the morning until sunrise if you must drive to work or take the train, more opportunities for criminals in the wee morning hours.

    DST is not natural. get rid of it."
  68. Patricia Schaeffer — "Perhaps needed at one time – but not any longer"
  69. [Name withheld]
  70. Martin Tellier
  71. bo jovaovich
  72. [Name withheld]
  73. Rose Fisher — "Please look at AZ we do not change time and we\'re happy people. to move to a single fixed time zone all year round, and allow individuals to plan their own days to make use of the daylight however they see fit. That should be our right!"
  74. Nancy Childers — "it disrupts my life, it messes up my sleep!!"
  75. [Name withheld] — "It takes me over 2 weeks to adjust. I already have a very early teaching schedule."
  76. [Name withheld] — "We also waste a lot of time changing clocks and watches!!!"
  77. [Name withheld] — "Stop the madness…..end the time changes."
  78. [Name withheld]
  79. ben miller — "stop the madness"
  80. [Name withheld] — "This time changing is killing me… I\'m exhausted!"
  81. [Name withheld]
  82. [Name withheld] — "I think we should stop changing the time."
  83. John Tudor — "I never set my clocks back an hour, but it would be nice if everyone else did the same."
  84. Important — "Its pure suffer and completely unnecessarily"
  85. [Name withheld] — "Daylight savings time is unnecessary. It impacts sleep patterns, work, safety, and life."
  86. [Name withheld] — "I agree!!!"
  87. Shirley — "Stick to Standard Time, the kids in my area have to stand for the bus in the dark regardless of EST or EDT."
  88. Paulette
  90. [Name withheld]
  91. Caryn Armstrong — "I have always been against DST. The older I get the more the time change effects me. It is totally outdated."
  92. [Name withheld] — "Changing our routines instead of the clocks makes a LOT of sense!"
  93. Karlene Gayle
  94. Matt Richardson — "Let\'s keep it solar, and real!"
  95. [Name withheld] — "Ridiculous old tradition that has only negative effects and consequences."
  96. [Name withheld] — "I fully agree that it\'s long overdue for a change. too many facts/studies support the elimination of the daylight savings time system."
  97. Mike
  98. Michael Spindler — "Totally Agree. It\'s about time"
  99. [Name withheld]
  100. Tyffany — "Time to stop the madness."
  101. [Name withheld]
  102. William H Eggart
  103. [Name withheld] — "PLEASE discontinue daylight savings time – it\'s crazy to change time twice a year! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!"
  104. [Name withheld] — "Biological clocks are disrupted by this practice twice yearly, it is not necessary."
  105. Debbie Cratty
  106. [Name withheld] — "real time all the way"
  107. Towner Phillips — "I have always thought Daylight Savings Time was pointless and hated for as long as I can remember."
  108. [Name withheld] — "Please, stop adding extra stress to our lives!"
  109. Madeline Miller — "Let\'s get rid of this old fashioned silly, twice yearly ritual that benefits no one!"
  110. Tim — "Don\'t like it and don\'t want it. keep it either one way or the other and stop changing."
  111. denise buono — "I hate DST!"
  112. Betty Humphrey
  113. Ann Leatherwood — "Always a miserable Monday!"
  114. Prasanna Parthasarathy — "So sleepy today. Hope this madness can stop!"
  115. [Name withheld] — "Don\'t keep changing, keep it either one way or the other and stop changing."
  117. Sandy Brofee — "In this age of flex time, I see no need to change the clocks. If a farmer wants more daylight hours to work he get up earlier in the morning. What is wrong with the rest of us??? Where has our \"Common Sense\" gone????"
  118. Francesca — "I\'m so glad to see I\'m not alone!"
  119. [Name withheld]
  120. Kevin Lee
  121. [Name withheld] — "So if it is bad for our health and everyone hates it why in the world can\'t we set it one way or the other and leave it alone?"
  122. Mary Jane Spruel — "I\'m looking for man to change the shape of the earth. STOP THE DST! It hurts too much and too many."
  123. Ed Zehel — "We\'ve been doing it for years and I see no real good from it."
  124. [Name withheld] — "It is so silly, to say we are gaining daylight. There is a certain amount. no matter what the clock says."
  125. Dominica Simpson — "Please!"
  126. Cliff Cortland — "get the USA to abolish this out of date practice"
  127. [Name withheld]
  128. Cameron Stout
  129. [Name withheld] — "What a waste of energy. Let time alone."
  130. [Name withheld] — "I strongly agree!"
  131. [Name withheld] — "Just want the time to stay the same year round. This messes up your internal clock for sleeping"
  132. Donna Mangel — "Forget \"daylight savings\", it is useless and unwanted."
  133. Angela Anderson
  134. Michael Slife — "For all governments!"
  135. [Name withheld]
  136. [Name withheld]
  137. [Name withheld]
  138. [Name withheld] — "I whole heartedly agree that Daylight time should be abolished throughout the world."
  139. [Name withheld] — "Uniform Time Act of 1966 is no longer sensible"
  140. Lawrence Jesterton
  141. [Name withheld]
  142. [Name withheld] — "What an outdated wasteful law!"
  144. [Name withheld] — "Do NOT change!!!"
  145. [Name withheld] — "Leave the time as it is and don\'t switch it. No need for that. Just messes with everyone."
  146. Julie Goodger
  147. [Name withheld]
  148. [Name withheld] — "abolish time change"
  149. Matthew Gallagher
  150. [Name withheld]
  151. El Elconsito — "All we want is for the creators of this non-sense, dangerous ritual to stop interferrng with our rights to live life as we want to. You try to cut one end of the blanket and sow it on the other end thinking that this way you will have invented more time\" You fools! Leave time alone and let us adjust to natures own ways."
  152. Joy Hite
  153. Ralph Score — "Changing clocks for the sake of extra productivity is ridiculous at best."
  154. Morgan Henserling — "Not everyone gets a week long Spring Break to adjust to the time."
  155. frances bhushan
  156. Danielle
  157. Brianne
  158. Nancy — "Do it now!"
  159. LeRoy Wenz — "Leave time settings alone and leave it standard time instead of daylight savings time."
  160. William
  161. [Name withheld]
  162. Cena Worhatch
  163. LaShell Riester — "I agree completely. I think it\'s an outdated concept and if people want to wake up when it\'s dark and have more daylight hours later in the day, then they should adjust their schedules, not time itself."
  164. [Name withheld]
  165. Dale — "Stop the time change!!!!! keep it like it is now…"
  166. [Name withheld]
  167. Steve Braden — "As summer gets closer we get more daylight hours anyway. Plus the fact that it gets light an hour later on DST, so what does it accomplish? It is completely pointless in my opinion."
  168. [Name withheld] — "The emperor has no clothes. Time change is antiquated and it helps no one."
  169. [Name withheld] — "DST is a useless program that does more harm than good. To quote a gentleman on another site ( The government thinks they can lengthen a blanket by cutting a foot off the bottom, and sewing it to the top! DST is nonsense, dangerous, unhealthy and should be banned."
  170. Rachel Crawford
  171. Douglas Dolly
  172. PT — "There is no good reason anymore to continue with changing the time every 6 months. Please help save energy and people in accidents due to less sleep and please discontinue daylight savings time."
  173. susan pinski
  174. [Name withheld]
  175. [Name withheld] — "I am 71, still working full time and say we need to stop this. We tried year-round in the US in the 70s during a fuel crisis. We stopped it pretty quickly because children were standing at school bus stops in the dark!"
  176. B Kayton — "Societal sleep deprivation due to losing sleep as a result of changing the clocks for Daylight Savings Time is proven in scientific studies to result in a mass spike in deaths, illness and accidents. Every government needs abolish DST for the well-being of everyone on this planet."
  177. Jeannie Harris — "I will support real time not this so called daylight saving time. Jeannie Harris"
  178. [Name withheld]
  179. Brenda Williams — "I realize there may be valid reasons for staying with changing clocks twice a year, however, I am tired of feeling constantly tired for days afterward. And, it has only gotten wore as I have gotten older. Please keep the clocks at one time or another. Or soon I will become one of the statistics."
  180. [Name withheld] — "We\'re done with this experiment. Stop changing the time."
  181. [Name withheld] — "Just unnatural"
  182. [Name withheld] — "I agree , we need all rest we can\'t get , why not just leave to get the extra hour of sleep."
  183. christi powers
  184. melissa cowgill
  185. [Name withheld]
  186. [Name withheld]
  187. The Murchisons — "For 2 months out of the year, our family feels tired while adjusting!"
  188. [Name withheld]
  189. Gary Law
  190. jojo — "up,good idea, stop the insanity!"
  191. susiequeue2 — "susiequeue2 says:

    11 March, 2015 at 03:21

    It has been proven that there no advantages to Daylight Saving Time and yet the powers that be in the U.S. continue to do it anyway! I hate it! When we go on it I am “off” for eight months!!! It’s not just useless, it’s harmful to health and it’s costly! Please sign this petition and get as many people as you know to sign it so we can stop this exercise in futility! It’s past time (pardon the pun) for DST to be abolished! (I am American, speaking for the USA!)"
  192. [Name withheld]
  193. [Name withheld]
  194. Allan hardy
  195. [Name withheld]
  196. Chris Townsend
  197. [Name withheld] — "Stop the over-control of the people!"
  198. [Name withheld]
  199. Lucie
  200. [Name withheld] — "against summertime!!


  201. Lee Walker — "Daylight Savings Time can go do one, sure it helps the builders and farmers but they are a tiny minority in comparison to the millions of people it massively inconveniences for no good reason at all."
  202. Alan Giles
  203. Anthony hudson — "More daylight when you finish work is a blessing you can get more done and spend more time outside with the kids"
  204. d cavany
  205. [Name withheld]
  206. Kay Hamilton — "This is a system that was nonsensical even before we understood the risks of impacting on sleep cycles. Time to move on."
  207. [Name withheld] — "Agree to stop the \"daylight savings\"!"
  208. [Name withheld] — "Agree to stop the \"daylight savings\"!"
  209. Kev Mc — "Being over 6\' tall, I have to change all the clocks in work every 6 months as nobody else can reach!! Stop this nonsense and let me get on with my work :)"
  210. Andrew GJ — "Stick to GMT!!"
  211. Melissa Morse
  212. amanda marshall — "My spirit sinks every autumn when the clocks change and doesn\'t recover until about 2/3weeks after they change back again. PLEASE LEAVE THE CLOCKS ALONE"
  213. [Name withheld]
  214. George Vatsellas
  215. Catherine Newman — "It would make life a lot simpler for web developers!!!"
  216. Adam Oellermann — "So-called daylight savings time is a nasty hack which has no place in contemporary society. It\'s a major nuisance to everyone, twice a year, significantly complicates IT systems and processing of financial transactions, and adds no benefit whatsoever."
  217. [Name withheld] — "I want my daylight at the end of the day, not when I am in bed in the morning."
  218. [Name withheld] — "Please let me live a year as I was supposed to.

    BST started in 1916, before that Britain thrived, in fact, it drove the industrial rvolution…how has it done since then?"
  219. danelle
  220. victoria thompson
  221. John Aspinall
  222. [Name withheld]
  223. Derek Berry
  224. paige stevenson
  225. Christa Kontozoglou — "Sun is the best anti-depressent."
  226. Ed Lax — "We want to see the sun for longer after finishing in the office."
  227. [Name withheld]
  228. [Name withheld]
  229. [Name withheld] — "I don\'t know anyone who enjoys an hour less daylight in winter. What a stupid thing to do. Who is in charge? Get it sorted"
  230. CHERYL HARRISON — "Its dangerous and pointless"
  231. Lesley Neilson — "Why would anyone want a shorter, darker day???"
  232. [Name withheld] — "The benefits outweigh the negatives"
  233. Phil Murphy
  234. Stephen Hilling — "Losing sunlight in the evening is probably a significant cause to people\'s lower moods in winter. Old fashioned and outdated."
  235. [Name withheld]
  236. helen turner
  237. martha mac Isaac — "Please get rid of DST, it is such a depressing tome of the year for many people."
  238. Jennifer Bradshaw
  239. Angie Hanrahan — "According to my info, this was done for farmers. Well, farmerd now have muti million dollar machinery that come with their own lights!! I refuse to shop or leave the house once this time arrives, it becomes depressing!"
  240. Vince Reyes — "Please abolish time change it\'s just a total waste of time. We are now in the 21st century and this idea doesn\'t work."
  241. Sue Luzia
  242. [Name withheld] — "I\'d prefer us to sync wth mainland Europe"
  243. john
  244. Ella Smyth — "Stop disrupting our circadian rhythms, leave them in peace!"
  245. Nick
  246. Chrissie B — "outdated, complicated and irrelevant in today\'s world! Rather save time and confusion and let the clocks stay the same all year round!"
  247. [Name withheld]
  248. jim nettleton
  249. Mr C Davies — "It is a waste of a lot of time having to change all the clocks and it gets harder the older you get."
  250. Pip Cadwell — "get rid of DST in England let the scots keep it if they want"
  251. Dale Wilkinson
  252. Colleen Robertson — "I hope this is the last time we have to endure this depressing ritual!"
  253. [Name withheld] — "Going to work in the dark when refreshed from night sleep far more sensible than coming home in dark when tired from day\'s work. Businesses will benefit from another hour of daylight at end of the day. Once it goes dark, most people head for home. It\'s so outdated now and not necessary. It\'s depressing having such short winter days. If anything put the hour forward in the winter and give an even longer day."
  254. [Name withheld] — "Fed up with this yearly nonsense and dark nights, we are humans not vampires, who needs light mornings, can do more with lighter evenings…. Bigger off dst for good, don\'t want you one bit"
  255. [Name withheld] — "Stick all year round with what we call \"BST\" and do not put clocks back in October"
  256. Ann Bovey — "Every winter we groan yet again"
  257. Mike Denby — "The daylight saving scheme is nothing but unnecessary hassle. In modern-day real world I don\'t see any benefits, but plenty of draw backs. For one thing it creates a load of IT related head-aches."
  258. Mark Bevan — "Pick a time and stick to it. If it doesn\'t suit your work hours change your work hours – don\'t make us all change our clocks…its insanity. The problem with BST is that noon is no longer noon (ie the middle of daylight hours). Absolute shambles."
  259. James Shah — "Daylight saving for farmers in this day and age is a waste! Very few farm and those that do can change their habits to fit the majority who now work from home or offices and are having to come home in the dark not being able to spend any outdoor time with their children!!! Even those that start work at 8/9am would I\'m sure be happy to forsake any morning daylight for an extra hours daylight in the evening!!! Please put a stop to this old outdated madness!!! Thanks. James"
  260. [Name withheld]
  261. lesley cooke — "I\'m fed up with this stupid twice yearly clock changing."
  262. Brian johnson
  263. Laura
  264. mark thun — "I find it very annoying to have to change time back & forth. \'What with having so many gadgets with time on them."
  265. Lynne Dufresne — "I have waited a long time oping time would not change."
  266. Ben — "Changing the clocks only serves to make the sudden change to winter all the more unpleasant, why not shift school start times a little later according to daylight and avoid the inconvenience for everyone else. Given that children no longer allowed to walk to school these days even this a really a non-issue and also with global business 9 to 5 working hours are generally a thing of the past."
  267. [Name withheld]
  268. Leslie Connor — "Time for a change"
  269. [Name withheld]
  270. [Name withheld]
  271. Mark McHugh
  272. Alison — "This practice has baffled me since I was a child (I\'m now 57). EVERY year twice a year my body clock is messed with and it leaves me feeling awful for several weeks post change every time! I CANNOT understand the reasoning behind it and the gain of a couple of weeks whereby it\'s marginally a little lighter earlier each morning is simply not worth it! As a child I was lead to believe that it was introduced to assist farmers gain an hour\'s extra working time – modern farming has no need for this – mechanisation of farming has given them sophisticated (often GPS driven) equipment that means they can farm around the clock – unhindered, in fact without a farmer needing to be in the cab! Another argument put forward was children walking to school in the dark – back in the days when children DID walk to school the gain was and still is only apparent for a couple of weeks then nature catches up and it\'s dark again – where is this beneficial? The health impact (concentration levels, grogginess, irritability etc.) is simply NOT worth this nonsense. I for one would like to see it ended and I can\'t believe we \'sheep-like\' continue to follow this ridiculous practice. Benjamin Franklin idea was a good one in Benjamin Franklin\'s day – it\'s 2015 people – WAKE UP!!"
  273. [Name withheld] — "Since it did not exist before 1916 0r so that means George Eliot and such like did not need it, nor Nelson! It is no doubt to do with trade, but I have witnessed the extent to which it effects negatively those with mental health issues."
  274. [Name withheld]
  275. [Name withheld] — "Since the clock went back we have had early mornings kids getting up at 5am which is effecting our quality of life. Everyone is exhausted, which is disrupting their education, their time after school for being outside is cut short as it gets dark so early. Please just leave time be. The spring forward doesn\'t effect us so much but the fall back makes for a long and unhappy winter time. Every single year. PLEASE stop changing the clock I don\'t know anyone who benefits from it."
  276. Anna Parsons
  277. nicola cheeseman
  278. Melissa — ""
  279. [Name withheld] — "Really an unnecessary way to screw people working from 9 – 5 / leave dark and go back home dark? that\'s without mentioning that some people have problems adapting – leading to serious health problems at points."
  280. Cameron — "Let there be light, later in the day! Rejoice, rejoice."
  281. Joy Bonaccorsi — "What a waste of time (& energy) changing the clocks every 6 months!"
  282. Zoe Roberts

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