“Listen,” he said, “at Camtim …”
“What?” said Arthur
“The Campaign for Real Time, which I will tell you about later.”
‘Life, the Universe and Everything’ by Douglas Adams

Welcome to the Campaign for Real Time – a campaign to abolish the out-dated patronizing lie of “Summer Time” or “Daylight Savings Time”, and replace it with something better. Let’s work out what we actually get out of it, and get all that and more, without forcing everyone to fiddle with all their clocks twice a year!

In a nutshell, none of the claimed benefits of changing the clocks require us to change the clocks. The entire system of “daylight savings” or “summer time” adjustments is just a crazy way of tricking us into getting up at a different time of day. So why don’t we just, you know, get up at a different time of day?

For that matter, those claims may not be true – and it may even do more harm than good!

Right now, the campaign can’t claim a huge following – just me (some random geek), and whoever comes upon it and thinks “good point” rather than “what a crackpot”. But I know from the responses I have had, and comments I’ve seen elsewhere, that plenty of people agree, and many more probably would if they stopped to think about it. So please, get involved, spread the word, and let me know what you think!

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